Psychiatrist #4 on First Do No Harm

The following statements have all been made openly on social media by Forensic psychiatrist Dr Mark Swinton @swinton57 :

Dr Mark Swinton, [5 January 2020] “People who critique psychiatry on twitter seem to be describing an alternative reality to the one described in these reports. For example, the benefits and harms of antidepressants feature hugely on twitter but do not feature much elsewhere.”

Dr Mark Swinton, [5 January 2020] “The Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry [CEP] will continue to insinuate that some doctors are financially corrupt, but of course that is OK.”

Dr Mark Swinton, [17 June 2020]: “CEP guys don’t have anything useful to do.”

Dr Mark Swinton and Prof Rob  Howard use the following words in relation to upholding  RCPsych Core Values for Psychiatrists: “troubling . . . mystifying preoccupations . . . [that are] a bit sad” [17 June 2020]

It is my understanding that Dr Mark Swinton has written to the GMC with concerns about several UK psychiatrists. Dr Mark Swinton has stated on social media that I had referred him to the GMC. This is incorrect. I have never referred Dr Mark Swinton to the GMC. I have though asked the GMC for its guidance on how a doctor refers to his or her retirement status when GMC Licensing is not active.

This comment, made in the BMJ by Richard Smith it’s former Editor, is worth keeping in mind: “Psychiatry seems to have lost its way… The response should not be to refuse to listen to criticisms… but to listen to and use them as a stimulus to deep examination of current practice.”