‘The race is on to get it to market’

On the 23rd July 2018, Professor David Nutt gave a free public lecture entitled “Not all in the mind – the contribution of brain science to modern psychiatry.”

I was not at this lecture, and I am quite certain that Professor Nutt would have shared his declarations of interest with his audience before his talk began. However, for wider public record, I have included in the image below of some of the logos of the multiple companies from which Professor Nutt has received payments. This is based on the declarations Professor David Nutt gave to the British Association for Psychopharmacology on the 14th September 2017.

The submissions in Professor Nutt’s name to “Disclosure UK” are as follows:

Given the extensive industry payments to Professor David Nutt, as one of Britain’s leading ‘key opinion leaders’, it would be reasonable to conclude that his thinking is not all in his mind but has it seems materialised as ‘good hard cash’  in his pockets?