Films about EDINBURGH

Please click on each image to play each short film on Edinburgh.  These films are for my mum and dad.

Mrs Picken, an elderly widow, who day after day, year after year, left an apple on her window-sill for me as I delivered her daily paper. She lived in Colinton:

A tribute to the poet Robert Fergusson (1750-1784):

Crichton’s Close [opposite the statue to Robert Fergusson]:

Upon your whunstane hearts [Robert Fergusson]:

Scenery in a small place [Playhouse Close, Canongate: a ‘cradle of the legitimate drama’]

Scottish vocalist [John Wilson]:

Shakespeare Square, Edinburgh:

To return to the epilimion [Craigiehall temple, Edinburgh]:

The only epitaph [Dryden]:

The notion [James Clerk Maxwell]:

The Great Tapestry of Scotland [to catch the watcher’s eye]:

Designed for use in a rebellion [Edinburgh Police Boxes]:

Tomb of the Red Lady [Warriston Cemetery]:

Labour of omission [Francis Seymour Haden]:

The Warld’s ill-divided [Mary Brooksbank’s poem inscribed on the Scottish Parliament wall]:

The sun shines for all:

The friends of Liberty [Monument to the Political Martyrs’]:

Hawkhill:Cammo [I want to be part of history]:

Cammo [Histories never end, but go on living in their consequences]:

Stars have shone [Dr Samuel Brown]:

Hermits and Termits:

That moment [3rd from left, back row]:

Follow me [Bute House, Charlotte Square]:

Charlotte Square:

‘Traditionalism: Edinburgh’s dilemma’:

Wrecking Edinburgh:

Princes Street Gardens:

The texture of time:

It is by living that we learn [Patrick Geddes]:

Playfair [William Henry Playfair]:

‘With such strength I have to conceal the passion for fear it may be thought weakness’ [Wilfred Owen]:

METHVENS, Princes Street:

REVEL [Edinburgh College of Art]:

Left-behind gateway [Rockville, Napier Road, Edinburgh]:

Falcon Hall: Survives as a pair of gate-posts far away:

Beautiful summer [Edinburgh, 2018]:

Silent as light [Scottish National Gallery]:


I had a project as a tiny boy:

Published [Allan Ramsay’s House]:

PIPE Lane  public toilets [Portobello]:

The Lookout [Gilmerton House]:

ORPHAN Hospital [site of]:

Due North [in its ending: Scotland Street Station]:

Smash out into the sunshine [in its ending: Scotland Street Station]:

She said [in its ending: Scotland Street Station]:

This Laundry Problem:

St Leonard’s Improvement Scheme:

space – body – other – time: