Sheardale House

On Thursday morning, 28th October 2021,  I explored Sheardale glen and climbed the ridge.

Sheardale is in Clackmannanshire, just west of Dollar. To access the estate you have to cross the river Devon by an old iron Bridge.

It was very wet on the day that I visited and the terrain hard-going. I came home drookit and muddy.

In 1855, John Millar, a wealthy Edinburgh businessman, aquired Sheardale and set about building a grand house to spend his summer months with his family.

The house was built on the north face of Sheardale Ridge and was two-storeys high with French-style mansards. It was suitable for generous entertaining and had lavish terraces decorated with statues, vases and lions.  John Millar was one of Scotland’s leading china and glass merchants:

Sheardale House was demolished in 1973. Today, only fragments of the garden terraces and steps survive.