The John Muir Way

2014 marks 100 years since the death of the Scots born conservationist who is widely recognised as the father of the American environmental movement.

The trail, which runs from Helensburgh in the West to Dunbar in the East, aims to encourage more people to access the outdoors and enjoy the benefits of being closer to nature.

Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith cycle the brand new John Muir Way. Mark and Euan take 4 days to cross the country by bike, and in doing so immerse themselves in the writings of John Muir to gain a greater understanding of what he stood for. At the end of the trail, Mark compiles a poem about John Muir which he called “The Scootcher’s Saint”

The Scootcher refers to a childhood dare: John Muir set himself and friends scootchers or dares, such as crossing one side of Dunbar harbour to another on the boats moored there.

The Scootcher’s Saint:

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