“Objectivity” does not come in a title

Professor Perlis, in a paper titled “Anxiety about Antidepressants” ,  considered “the cognitive and affective biases that may prevent effective treatment“. In this paper Professor Perlis referred to the recent publication in the Lancet of a Meta-analysis on antidepressant prescribing.  Professor Perlis seemed to suggest that the expert is free of bias (“objective”) and anyone who describes an experience which fails to concord with the expert view is  of less value (“subjective”).

1st March 2018, Professor Keith Matthews, NHS Tayside, expressed this opinion on the publication of the Lancet Meta-analysis on antidepressant prescribing: “All in all its been a bad few days for the ‘anti-medication’ cult and their followers.”

In October 2005, Roy Perlis had this paper published: "Positive Clinical-Trial Results Linked to Competing Interests"

I share the view that non-financial competing interests matter. But let us start with the financial. We ask this of our elected parliamentarians.