Eilean Fhianain

Eilean Fhianain is a small island which takes its name from one of the saints bearing the Irish name Finan It is situated about 200m from both the N and S banks of Loch Shiel. It measures about 200m from N to S by 180m and has steep sides rising to an undulating summit-area which has been extensively used for burials by the adjacent Protestant and Roman Catholic communities of Sunart and Moidart respectively. The ruined medieval church near the W edge of the summit contains a cast bronze bell of Early Christian type, as well as a graveslab and cross-head, both of late medieval date. A female effigy of the same period lies near the N end of the summit, close to a group of large simple cruciform stones which are probably of 18th-century date.

Eilean Fhianain burial ground: The light always comes back:

I shared my idea of this film with my daughter Rachel.

Rachel suggested the song, with the understanding that I would explore raw, home-made, acoustic cover versions.

Half-way-through editing, we sat down together and Rachel shared her thoughts and feel. Thank you Rachel. The light always comes back.