House of Nairne

The A9 is currently undergoing work to dual the stretch between Luncarty and the Pass of Birnam. If you are heading north on Scotland’s trunk road let your imagination recreate the:

This house, completed in 1707, was known as “the Glory of the Strath”. It had 365 windows – a window for every day of the year.

Following the 1745 rebellion the House of Nairne was razed from passing view.

Here is how it was depicted on Roy’s Military map:

More than a century later, the 1st ordinance Survey map recorded ‘the site of the House of Nairne’. It did so incorrectly [living memory of the House of Nairne was by then, long since past]

However, at the time of the 1st ordinance survey, ‘the Bell Tree’ was still growing :