Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood [a young actor like me]:

This short film is about a family excursion to Edinburgh Lyceum on the evening of 25th June 2014 to hear Elijah Wood.

Elijah Wood was in Edinburgh to promote his latest film “Set Fire to the Stars” in which he plays John M Brinnin a 1950s New York poet who tries to save Dylan Thomas.

My short film focuses on Elijah Wood’s advice to a young boy who asked “What advice can you give a young actor like me”.

As Elijah was a child star himself I found his answers enthralling and deeply meaningful. Elijah talked about “integrity” and making films for the “love of it” (doing it for itself alone)

This returned my thoughts to Dylan Thomas and Under Milk Wood.

For a reason I am not sure (though the ingredients were there) this film has unintentionally emerged as a freedom film.

Feel free to read into this film whatever you may like.

The initial quote comes from “Fair Helen” by Andrew Greig: “before at last commencing the story that is not mine yet remains the only story of my life”.