Sea Park, then known as Eunies Crook, was granted to William Ellison and Janet Niven his wife in 1574 by the Abbot of Kinloss and remained in their family until 1800.Circa 1809 a ‘new house’ , called SeaPark, was built. It  became the property of James Rose:

August 1811:

James Rose sold SeaPark in 1825:

SeaPark was purchased by Frederick Suter. 14 February 1833:

In 1838 by John Dunbar who  had made a forune  in shipping; he further enlarged the house, leaving it to his sister Phoebe on his death in 1845. She had married Edward Dunbar and took the name Dunbar Dunbar.

3 October 1845:

November 1848:
June 1849:

July 1849:

26 November 1857:


October 1870:

September 1871:
During the Dunbar ownership the house and gardens were developed, a small museum established and an organ installed.

May 1874:
July 1887:

July 1891:

January 1898:

May 1899:

The Rev. John Archibald Dunbar-Dunbar (8 October 1849 – 11 November 1905) was a British philatelist who was one of the “Fathers of Philately” entered on the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in 1921. He was an expert in the stamps of Australia.