‘Trusted Information Creator’

The Patient Information Forum [PIF] is celebrating ’25 years of healthcare information’:

You can read this timeline of PIF here. It begins as follows:

In the first year of existence, 1998, PIF made clear this intention:

This same intention was the basis of this 2020 review by Baroness Cumberlege:

The Cumberlege Review was a major milestone in patient safety and made nine key recommendations, including regarding transparency of payments by industry to healthcare and research organisations.

PIF encourages new members to become partners:

PIF’s timeline of the last 25 years is surprising in its omission of the Cumberlege report and PIF’s response, if any, to such a significant step to improving  patient safety. It is also surprising that PIF has the role of awarding the ‘PIF TICK quality mark‘ for health information.