as a star fades

In Mossgrove garden I have  made a bit of temporary art. It has the front page of a newspaper the day that David Bowie died. I pasted this on to … Continue reading as a star fades

safe & effective

This short film is based on a journey that I took on Monday to Edinburgh and my return home: safe & effective: to play this short film please click here

temporary traffic-lights

Roadworks are underway around the Fountain of Nineveh, so we have temporary traffic-lights outside our house. I have always had a fascination with road-signs including traffic-lights [I know, I am … Continue reading temporary traffic-lights

a (rain-caused) digression

It has been raining since dawn. I like to photograph in the rain. Here are a few photographs from our garden: Black Star: Janet B. Wood climbing rose: The ANTIQUARY … Continue reading a (rain-caused) digression