TEMPLE [of unknown origin]

Behind Cupar’s Bonnygate, by East Moat Hill, enclosed within a high wall, there is a forlorn, now unroofed, ‘TEMPLE’.  This Category B listed building has survived from the mid-18th century. … Continue reading TEMPLE [of unknown origin]

Jawbone Walk

This dramatic picture of the Jawbone Walk featured in the Scotsman, 16 February 2021. The whale jawbone arch however is not there as it has been removed for necessary conservation. … Continue reading Jawbone Walk

The ladies Reid

Carved into the lintel above the entrance to Bonshaw tower is this religous reminder: SOLI.DEO.HONOR.ET.GLORIA. Bonshaw Tower, a fine 16th century Border tower, survives within a fine garden setting that … Continue reading The ladies Reid

Shout to the top

I will shout to the top about Drumdruills! This fruit farm and orchard was that of my grandfather. Music credit: ‘Shout to the top’ (a brilliant cover of a Style … Continue reading Shout to the top