the footnotes and marginalia

I write in the margins of the books that I read. I never do so to correct the author. I need marginalia to help me find my way back to … Continue reading the footnotes and marginalia

way back when

  To play ‘way back when‘ please click here or on the image above. Credits [1]  Art and Audacity –  Dr T J Honeyman [1971] [2] Let’s start way back … Continue reading way back when


This homemade film is for Ella Rae (a dear friend whose voice closes the film), Catriona my older sister, and Rachel my daughter. Ella Rae died some years ago. I … Continue reading braw


In the University of St Andrews Photographic Collection I came across the Lady Henrietta Gilmour Photographic Collection and this particular photographic intrigued me. It was listed as ‘Nora Rintoul, Housemaid, … Continue reading Nora