Histories never end, but go on living in their consequences

This film is based upon Cammo House, at least what is left.

Robert Louis Stevenson has stated that the “House of Shaws” in Kidnapped was based on Cammo House on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

This film comes to a close with a lowlander in the highlands: at Gauch in Cabrach.

The film ends with Leonard Cohen’s last song.

He’s an elemental air-spirit

This post considers Ariel from The Tempest through the retelling of ‘The Fletcher Correctional Players’. I would thoroughly recommend ‘Hag-Seed’ by Margaret Atwood.

hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-1 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-2

One of my alter-ego’s is the hunched pharmacist Gilbert Farie: hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-3 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-4 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-5

hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-7 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-8 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-9

hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-10 hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-11Dunkeld mortar & pestle1 (3)hag-seed-by-margaret-atwood-12


A hopeless case

Peter first met Sian at Woodend Hospital. This was February 1991. At the time, both Peter and Sian were junior doctors working in the Glenburn Wing.

The backdrop narrative (audio) is provided by Scotland the What.

Hole Ousia


Hole Ousia is beyond measurement.

Lennox and Gotthelf, in “Philosophical Issues in Aristotle’s Biology”:

Hole Ousia described - from 'Philosophical issues in Aristotle's biology'

Hans-Georg Gadamer, in “The Enigma of Health” :Gadamer on Hole Ousia

In a poetic form by Peter J. Gordon:

Hole Ousia collage


Abergeldie – on the edge of the Dee

                        3rd January 2016:

I was distressed to wake up this morning to hear the news that Abergeldie castle’s fate is more uncertain than it has ever been.

Abergldie castle, Storm Frank 2

Abergeldie has the longest single unbroken family stewardship of any castle in Scotland – unbroken in nearly 600 years. John Howard Seton Gordon, the genial twenty first laird, continues this family tradition and has served both loyally and true.

Abergeldie castle - 2 Dec 2016 - after storm Frank (2) - Copy

A decade ago I wrote Abergeldie’s history in “Deeside Tales – the Stories of a Small Glen”

Cover 3

I have visited Abergeldie many times and I have always been made most welcome.

Peter Gordon & Abergeldie castle 1

The castle that Peter could do wonders wi'

1st edition Abergeldie

The Gordon family rented out Abergeldie Castle for a considerable period before the 21st Laird. The tenants of the Gordons being the Royal family.

Rachel Gordon, Abergeldie castle

Abergeldie Castle's Great Hall - July 2004 - Copy (2)


Butterflies, bridges and kings from omphalos on Vimeo.

Bundle and Go! from omphalos on Vimeo.

New Zealand – Let the sunshine in: making industry payments to doctors transparent

The following paper was recently sent to me by Professor Tim Stokes.

It is an excellent summary of the situation in New Zealand. A good deal of my Scottish forebears emigrated to New Zealand in the 19th century. It encourages me, as a petitioner for a Sunshine Act for Scotland, that doctors and academics of New Zealand want to see full public transparency regarding all industry payments.


All the evidence collected for the Scottish petition can be viewed here

001 NZ sunshine 002 NZ sunshine 003 NZ sunshine 004 NZ sunshine 005 NZ sunshine 006 NZ sunshine 007 NZ sunshine 008 NZ sunshine 009 NZ sunshine 010 NZ sunshine

Sunshine Act for Scotland: transparency, independence and accountability

Mrs Chrys Muirhead, writer and carer, has submitted this response to the BMJ:Transparency, independance & accounatbility - Chry

This was in reply to this “no holds barred” piece in the BMJ by Dr Margaret McCartney:009b