In the University of St Andrews Photographic Collection I came across the Lady Henrietta Gilmour Photographic Collection and this particular photographic intrigued me. It was listed as ‘Nora Rintoul, Housemaid, … Continue reading Nora

William and Austin take flight!

This delightful photograph was taken in 1916 by William and Austin’s father in the back garden of  Cleveland cottage, Isleworth. Photographs of the Miller family have been preserved in  the … Continue reading William and Austin take flight!

Not Cary Grant!

The above photograph is of Archie Leech, gardener for Rowmore House, Helensburgh. The photograph was taken in 1894 [despite my best efforts I have been unable to find out anything … Continue reading Not Cary Grant!

On the way to Fairy Hill

[Photograph taken by UNKNOWN in the year of 1894]