Tak tent o’ time

In Under Milkwood we are reminded in hairt-beat-words/sounds that ‘TIME PASSES. LISTEN. TIME PASSES’. Keir Home Farm:

Interior of others

I made this film more than 3 years ago about a house and it’s interior. Eastend House, Thankerton. The images in this film of Eastend House  are not my own. … Continue reading Interior of others

Time Passes. Listen. Time Passes

On Saturday we watched ‘Scotland from the Sky’ presented by James Crawford.   In the first episode James returned to Clydebank where the monumental SINGER factory used to be. It is … Continue reading Time Passes. Listen. Time Passes

Can be

EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE can be both evidence and medicine if it includes: s u b j e c t i v i t y – there is no view from … Continue reading Can be