‘There must be more equality in society’

The following is part of what I consider to be a most important Editorial that featured in Scotland on Sunday of 8th March 2020:

‘How the World Thinks’

For my birthday, my son Andrew gave me ‘How the World Thinks’ by Julian Baggini. What a wonderful world journey it takes you on as it explores philosophies of living. … Continue reading ‘How the World Thinks’


The nyūmon plays a dual role, both defining the boundaries of space and inviting visitors in. The word has been used by many Japanese writers for what we call “introductions”. … Continue reading Nyūmon

Albyn’s Anthology

This film is about one of Scotland’s smallest islands: Eilean nam Faoileag, Loch Rannoch. This film is dedicated to the Royal Society of Edinburgh On this island is a Folly. … Continue reading Albyn’s Anthology

“Just when we need them most”

9 February 2019. The President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists: “Really skilled Consultants in all specialties are walking away from the NHS just when we need them most” The … Continue reading “Just when we need them most”

“Trickles down from the upper echelons”

I read this letter by Dr William Durward, a retired NHS Scotland Consultant with interest. It was published in the Herald, 7 November 2018, and was written in response to … Continue reading “Trickles down from the upper echelons”

Revolutionary Road

A few extracts from ‘Revolutionary Road’ by Richard Yates:

Culture of openness and transparency

On the 4th April 2018 the Herald revealed that NHS Tayside had “transferred millions of pounds” from a charity fund to “prop up its ailing finances”. On the 24th May … Continue reading Culture of openness and transparency

Perhaps it is more a desire than a sensation

This is my third film in the Cabrach series. It was filmed at Powneed farm, which like almost all the farms in Cabrach (apart from Aldunie) has been abandoned. Perhaps … Continue reading Perhaps it is more a desire than a sensation


  Footnote: The two quotes about industrialisation and healthcare come from Intelligent Kindness by Ballat and Campling. The considerations on conferences are included in a this BMJ perspective This post … Continue reading #followthefellows