Not Cary Grant!

The above photograph is of Archie Leech, gardener for Rowmore House, Helensburgh. The photograph was taken in 1894 [despite my best efforts I have been unable to find out anything … Continue reading Not Cary Grant!

INTER-RAIL [Europe by Train]

August 1986: I ‘inter-railed’ across Europe with my cousin Robert Brink. We crossed the Berlin wall. To watch this short film please click here. You feel the world around you … Continue reading INTER-RAIL [Europe by Train]


Last night I gave a talk on Tamrawer to the Banton Heritage Society. I called my talk ‘Do not forget. Do not forget’. What follows are the slides that I … Continue reading Tamrawer

Sheriffmuir Inn

This is Sheriffmuir Inn, as I recall it. Here, my Grumpa took me to visit to Hercules the bear. Here, with my family, I celebrated my 40th birthday. Here, I … Continue reading Sheriffmuir Inn