Hundy Mundy

call it folly, call it my pursuit
a sense of loss,
the secret of art.

[the body of work reflects the disappearance of the artist himself]

Music credits:
(1) Bluebell, cockleshell 1-2-3 by King Creosote (From Scotland with love)
(2) Leave your body behind you – by Richard Hawley

At the end of the corridor


The funeral took place in radiant sunshine

Auchengray House has been a ruined shell since a catastrophic fire in 1937. At the time all was going horribly wrong for the multi-millionaire owner, J M Colville. Not only did he lose in the fire his collection of fine antiques and paintings, but not long before the fire his mother had died and then his sister jumped in front to a train.

It was this darkness that led to the building of Gribloch, the new hoose, one of light, designed by Basil Spence.

A Doctor’s Line

Today I got to hear Professor Sir Kenneth C Calman give a talk on ‘Scottish Literature and Medicine’ at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

It was a wonderful talk and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend and to meet Sir Kenneth. This has been an ambition of mine.

Sir Kenneth Calman’s book “A Doctor’s Line” is wonderful and I would recommend to all whether medical or lay, scientist or artist:

 Some of my “notes” on A Doctor’s Line can be read here

[and then there is feel]

I need ethics because I am on my own.
I can only see with my own eyes.
I try to shift my stance.
I do not always see what others see

I need ethics because I am ordinary and extraordinary.
I can only see with my own eyes
I try to shift my stance
I do not always see what others see

[and then there is feel]


Yesterday I walked to the very centre of Scotland

A short home-made film about Gartincaber Tower which is now a collapsed ruin.

Acknowledgement: One of the photographs of Gartincabe Tower is from the Stirling Smith collections is by Stirling solicitor Thomas W. J. Leishman (1885 – 1965):

I apologise to the Stirling Smith museum for not asking permission for its use in this home-made, non-commercial film. As all my films on history are.

“Meet you at the statue in an hour”

A poem for my wife Sian. Written 10th November 2016:

Thank you:
For meeting me (we are part of serendipity)
‘at the statue in an hour’
(more than serendipity)

Thank you:
For marrying me (we are part of serendipity)
We are arresting in our togetherness
(more than serendipity)

Thank you:
For being there for a temperamental artist
We are all scientists!
(more than serendipity)

Thank you:
For your beauty (beyond serendipity)
I have no sky without Cimbrone

Thank you:
Our world together.

The Blue Afternoon

I have just read this novel by William Boyd. It reminds me of “In another light” by Andrew Greig.

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These are quotes selected by Peter 
from "The Blue Afternoon" by William Boyd