This is an account of the grafitti of John Gordon, the last of the ‘Third Family’ of Cluny and  the “richest commoner in Scotland”. Through John Gordon’s graffiti it is … Continue reading Graffiti


Fifteen years ago the following paper [shared in full below] by Dr Allan Beveridge was published in the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The paper explores … Continue reading BRITAIN’S SIBERIA

‘More than three times the circumference of the globe’

I came across this death notice by chance whilst researching what is recorded of the life of ‘Dr William Brodum’. I reckon that Charlotte Skinner never once required any of … Continue reading ‘More than three times the circumference of the globe’

‘A fresh supply of PATENT MEDICINES’

This is an extraordinary story. It is historical. It is true. It could never happen today? [open question] Click on ‘Dr Brodum’s’ portait to read this extraorinary story