They fell for us

These short films by Peter recall those who fell for us in wars [please click on each image to play a different short film]: Between two black lines in the … Continue reading They fell for us

Path of Condie

On Monday, 21st March 2022, I walked the ‘Path of Condie’ in rural Perthshire with a friend. These short films are based on our wee adventure: ‘Condie Assets Ltd’: Music … Continue reading Path of Condie

No fences

This is the fourth film in my ‘Sheramoor series’. The idea behind this film is about mothers who encourage their children to play free to enjoy the natural world. Sheriffmuir … Continue reading No fences


Days are numbered for Side/Syde farm on the braes o’ Sheramoor. Side farm was home to Alexander Livingstone [died 4th October 1917]. Side farm was where Alexander spent his childhood. … Continue reading Thursday