The Yew avenue to Rosneath castle [1892]

This is a short film about Rosneath Castle in Argyll. It was once the home of Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll. Worn-out mattresses, legless chairs, headless beds: To play the … Continue reading The Yew avenue to Rosneath castle [1892]

Sheriffmuir Inn

This is Sheriffmuir Inn, as I recall it. Here, my Grumpa took me to visit to Hercules the bear. Here, with my family, I celebrated my 40th birthday. Here, I … Continue reading Sheriffmuir Inn

They fell for us

These short films by Peter recall those who fell for us in War [please click on each image to play a different short film]. Between two black lines in the … Continue reading They fell for us

Cathedral of trees

To play this short film please click here or on the image above. Please note this film uses old footage that is not directly related to the funeral of Alexander … Continue reading Cathedral of trees