Among big men, he was a giant

Doddie Weir’s last Murrayfield appearance was on 13th November 2022. With family by his side he brought the rugby ball onto the pitch for the team. The Murrayfield roar that … Continue reading Among big men, he was a giant

because what mattered were the stars

Earlier this year, on a granite paving slab in Mossgrove garden, I pasted an old newspaper page with an image of David Bowie alongside a black star. This temporary art … Continue reading because what mattered were the stars

Mr Perpetual Motion

Charlie Hart, 1866-1944  [C. W. Hart] [Charles Walter Hart] : who kept on running from the age of 5 until he died. Mr Perpetual Motion: To play this short film … Continue reading Mr Perpetual Motion

Business is booming [Porter’s Bell]

The Porter’s Bell [a film by Peter]: Peter’s sculpture will be a ringing attack on a culture where “disorder” has reached into every aspect of everyday human life. Roy Porter … Continue reading Business is booming [Porter’s Bell]