The stories we hear and the stories we tell

The stories we hear and the stories we tell from omphalos on Vimeo.

Forgive me for worrying about the lack of philosophy and ethics in science and healthcare today.

Courage to care


‘The sky is making a new proposition to the earth’

This was a kind of experimental film where I combined an old audio track (narrator and choir) with some of John Berger’s words from “Here is where we meet”. I was perhaps trying to follow John Berger’s statement that he “risks to write nonsense these days”

The audio track is from this film by me: Oor auldest relative (made 2 years ago)

The words are by John Berger from “Here is where we meet” (just recently read by Peter)

This was filmed at Stirling castle in the old cemetery and features the Martyrs monuments.

So what might this film be about?
Well I have no religious faith so it is not about that. 
Perhaps it is about learning over time? 
Perhaps it is about the meeting of Philosophy with Science? 
Perhaps it is about wounds and how we react to them? 
Perhaps it is about how poetry can convey briefly what other 
disciplines of thought may struggle with? 
Or perhaps it is about all of these and more? 
Though, rest assured this film does not offer an overall Philosophy!

A stolen tortoise

The wonderful and genial doctor and poet, Femi Oyebode.

This is actually a film that has several layers. It is quite a philosophical film about how technology – “the scientific revolution” – may have made us all rush too much. In the process of rushing we risk losing the light: enlightenment. This being learning through communities of minds over many centuries (such as the humanities)

A Doctor’s Line

Today I got to hear Professor Sir Kenneth C Calman give a talk on ‘Scottish Literature and Medicine’ at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

It was a wonderful talk and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend and to meet Sir Kenneth. This has been an ambition of mine.

Sir Kenneth Calman’s book “A Doctor’s Line” is wonderful and I would recommend to all whether medical or lay, scientist or artist:

 Some of my “notes” on A Doctor’s Line can be read here

To root in these very specific places

T S Eliot rooted poems about ideas in very specific places. He was very interested in yew trees:

The following film is on the Fortingall Yew.

Time passes. Listen.

Gilbert Farie Revisited

I made this film 5 years ago.

In the five years that have passed since making, prescribing of antidepressants has risen from 1-in-9 Scots to 1-in-7. My view is that this is most unhealthy.

Time moves on and I would perhaps change a few words in this film. That said I feel that this film remains an important presentation: