The Royal College of Psychiatrists on sunshine legislation

I asked: ‘Does the Royal College of Psychiatrists support Sunshine Legislation?’ Answer [from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 22 October 2018]: “This is a matter for the Government to decide.

Room under the umbrella

Minervation Ltd (Mental Elf) has recently shared an analysis and critique of the following paper stating that it was “deeply flawed and unreliable”: The analysis of this paper by Dr … Continue reading Room under the umbrella

Royal Society of Medicine: Sunshine legislation

I have written to a number of UK bodies who have a leadership role in healthcare to ask whether they support Sunshine legislation or not? The Royal Society  of Medicine was established … Continue reading Royal Society of Medicine: Sunshine legislation

A pattern language

Once upon a time Alexander McCall Smith gave me a book. It was called “A Pattern Language”. For the romantic this post is about stories. For the realist this post … Continue reading A pattern language