“The smell of sleaze”

The following ‘defence’ featured in an article published in yesterday’s Independent: The  very same argument has been repeated [ad nauseum] by the Royal College of Psychiatrists [a Royal charity].

The promotion of ESKETAMINE

Kings College London [KCL] has received over £800,000 from Janssen for Esketamine research. Professor Allan Young, Vice Dean and Clinical Academic Lead for KCL,  features in this Guardian “Exclusive” [from … Continue reading The promotion of ESKETAMINE

‘Breathing life into medicines’

In looking up the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland [which is generally known as ‘ALLIANCE’] the GOOGLE search engine took me to  ALLIANCE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I am sharing this … Continue reading ‘Breathing life into medicines’

‘When organisations’ behaviours betray their value statements’

This perspective was shared in the latest BMJ and begins: The author then shares a worry: The author goes on to remind us that many of the chronic difficulties encountered … Continue reading ‘When organisations’ behaviours betray their value statements’