“Doctors gamble on a cure”

In recent posts I have shared some of what I have come across in the British Newspaper Archive in relation to a search on the word “serotonin”. I have found … Continue reading “Doctors gamble on a cure”

“Is this pill a miracle?”

So asked the headline! From the Irish Independent of the 2nd November 1993. Professor Antony Clare, in expressing his concerns about the sensationalism surrounding SSRIs and their promotion, concluded:

“Does a disservice to psychiatrists”

This was a letter by Dr Alexander Langford, published in the BMJ in May 2015. It was in response to this Editorial by Professor David Healy. I agree with Dr … Continue reading “Does a disservice to psychiatrists”

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

This perspective was published in the BMJ in 2004. It was written by: The authors began: The authors concluded: 15 years on and both these academics remain firmly at the … Continue reading Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Pharmaceutical Mailing Lists

This letter by Dr Cyril Hart, General Practitioner in Peterborough, was published in the British Medical Journal in December 1962. This was five years before I was born! I find … Continue reading Pharmaceutical Mailing Lists

Medical leadership for mind, brain and body.

This is the trade-marked strap-line for the American Psychiatric Association. Over my 25 year career as an NHS Scotland psychiatrist I have seen many of my colleagues travel to America … Continue reading Medical leadership for mind, brain and body.

“Discontinuation Syndrome”

Yesterday an Editorial by the Sunday Times Health Editor was headlined “Patients’ charity Pain UK took cash from Big Pharma”. It was based on an investigation into what have been … Continue reading “Discontinuation Syndrome”

The Hydra monster of today

On the cover of last month’s British Journal of General Practice was a picture of Hercules confronting the Lernaean Hydra. This prompted one commentator to say on social media; “The … Continue reading The Hydra monster of today

Award culture in British Psychiatry

For my previous post I visited the Royal College of Psychiatrists website. I was seeking to establish if the archive on the Defeat Depression Campaign remained unavailable [actually I found … Continue reading Award culture in British Psychiatry

After the Defeat Depression Campaign

The Defeat Depression Campaign of the 1990s , entirely funded by the pharmaceutical industry, was an “educational campaign” organised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in association with the Royal … Continue reading After the Defeat Depression Campaign

Compelling Evidence

The Expert told Parliament that there is “compelling evidence” for long-term treatment with antidepressants. This the Expert said is “maintenance treatment”.[1] The Expert told Parliament: “Depression is under-treated across the … Continue reading Compelling Evidence

“Unpicked” by an Expert

I shared some of my reflections on the Cross Party Group on Mental Health and Older People with the senior Scottish Psychiatrist and Government advisor who had given a presentation … Continue reading “Unpicked” by an Expert