In this category are any writings by Hole Ousia that are about or share the goal of improving well-being. There is no objective divide between two cultures of ‘science and humanities’ and this will be reflected in this category

way back when

  To play ‘way back when‘ please click here or on the image above. Credits [1]  Art and Audacity –  Dr T J Honeyman [1971] [2] Let’s start way back … Continue reading way back when

Campaigner: NHS patient safety reforms are ‘a disaster’

The Sunday Post, 26 November 2023, by Marion Scott. Health campaigners are accusing NHS officials of failing to comply with rules over the investigation of hundreds of serious incidents which … Continue reading Campaigner: NHS patient safety reforms are ‘a disaster’

Well, look

Last Thursday I heard Shona Robison, Deputy First Minister for the Scottish Government, on BBC Radio Scotland. She was asked about transparency, truthfulness and integrity in relation to Scottish Government: … Continue reading Well, look

Relations of the Sciences

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 30 March 1932: This article went on articulate Frederick Robert Tennant’s thesis that theology could help integrate ‘Departments of Knowledge’. As an aethiest  I do not … Continue reading Relations of the Sciences