[more-than-a-little] BAZIRE

I worked as an NHS Psychiatrist for quarter of a century. I retired several years ago. When in training, my colleagues universally recommended this handbook by Professor Stephen Bazire [+ … Continue reading [more-than-a-little] BAZIRE

Psychiatry in Fabula

in 2013 there was a head-to-head debate published in the BMJ on antidepressant prescribing. It so happened that this was between two Scottish NHS doctors: Professor Ian C Reid and … Continue reading Psychiatry in Fabula

‘Good to refresh my memory of this’

Following the recent publication of the meta-analysis on antidepressant prescribing, the Chair of Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland and the Vice President of Royal College of Psychiatrists shared this five … Continue reading ‘Good to refresh my memory of this’


This is a BMJ response written by me on the 8th June 2011. Four years on and I remain just as concerned about the over-medicalisation of “mood disorders”.  None of my words take away … Continue reading “Bipolarisation”