Psychiatrists across the world, when assessing mental states, have to consider “insight”. Psychiatrists, like myself, are also taught the “subjective-objective divide”. This “divide” has always troubled me, as it would … Continue reading I N S I G H T

‘Monty’: a doctor and Troll

I have contributed comments to PULSE for some years now. I have benefited as a specialist from hearing the perspectives of GP colleagues. Following recent comments made by me on … Continue reading ‘Monty’: a doctor and Troll

Words and numbers should be used with equal care

I have submitted the following to the BMJ in response to this research news: Large meta-analysis ends doubts about efficacy of antidepressants Not uncommonly, as part of the scientific community, … Continue reading Words and numbers should be used with equal care

‘The medical untouchables’

The following is a recent opinion piece by Dr Des Spence published in the British Journal of General Practice. I had been lined up to do the media interviews on … Continue reading ‘The medical untouchables’