Hole Ousia spends much time reading and writing about dementia. The neuroscientific understandings, as they develop, are considered alongside sociology, ageing, philosophy and the medical humanities.

Scottish Brain Sciences

A few years ago a senior UK academic in mental health stated gleefully to his colleagues: “It’s boom time in industry!”  I was reminded of this statement when reading this … Continue reading Scottish Brain Sciences

Language matters

[A comment on ‘Facing your doubter head on . . .’ a blog by Wendy Mitchell] Dr Peter J Gordon, 19 July 2022 Thank you Wendy for sharing your experience … Continue reading Language matters

Living well with dementia

Eight years ago I was personally invited by the author to the launch of this CPD-certified book: Dr Shibely Rahman: “It’s brilliant that you’ll be able to join us all … Continue reading Living well with dementia

[ F U N C T I O N A L ]

I retired as a doctor 2 years ago. My career was in psychiatry for older adults and I succesfully campaigned for a Timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia. I … Continue reading [ F U N C T I O N A L ]