a garden above High Street

My Granny, Constance Gibson, was born in Dunblane in 1908.  It is likely that she would have remembered this Chemist shop. I cannot ask my Granny about her childhood as … Continue reading a garden above High Street


In Logie Churchyard I came across the grave of Dr Henry Dryerre, it was early morning and the sun had just appeared above the horizon. So my eyes were straining … Continue reading “PURE DRUGS”

Anton Chekhov and ASTROV

The image is of Colinton pharmacy.

Wolves at the door

who died . . .

The pharmacist Gilbert Farie relies upon Dr John Flaxman. Each year, Dr Flaxman chooses a day to celebrate as his “deathday”.  

Gilbert Farie Re-visited

Reply to the Editorial: Has psychopharmacology got a future? The British Journal of Psychiatry (2011) 198: 333-335. Film version of ‘Gilbert Farie Re-visited’: https://vimeo.com/43620205 Yes, psychopharmacology has a future.[1]  I … Continue reading Gilbert Farie Re-visited