This is for any post, of any sort, that might help us understand the Hydra-headed beast of stigma. Help Hole Ousia chop off some heads. Let us hope they do not re-grow.

The following day

The Royal College of Psychiatrists Position Statement on antidepressants and depression was published on the 29th May 2019: The following day the President, Registrar and CEO of the Royal College of … Continue reading The following day

A dry fountain that once gushed and sparkled in the sunlight

The very last day of 1911 [as reported in the Stirling Observer]:


‘ENTERPRISE MINCING MACHINES’ Are the BEST in the World! ‘ENTERPRISE MINCING MACHINES’ Are endorsed by the Royal College of Mincers. ‘ENTERPRISE MINCING MACHINES’ Are the reality not the perception! ‘ENTERPRISE … Continue reading ‘ENTERPRISE MINCING MACHINES’

There’s no blue like a Giotto blue

An old landmark of Bridge of Allan: a white bridge that was painted blue. For Caroline Stuart Clarke and her family. .