“Another me”

This passage [which I have edited] by Gabriel García Márquez  was written well before the advent of social media, but seems remarkably prescient: From time to time I become aware that … Continue reading “Another me”

An Institutional responsibility: morality

When I first made this film I was still working as an NHS psychiatrist. I have since retired. I am re-sharing this film as my concerns have not diminished but … Continue reading An Institutional responsibility: morality


A senior medic, with a prolific presence on Twitter, described Twitter as “all Disco“. This is my reply: I N S Y M P A T I C O In … Continue reading “All DISCO”

The College position

The President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists recently outlined “the College position” in relation to social media use by its members: “We do not have a remit to monitor … Continue reading The College position