Peter’s Declaration

I have been updating my OMPHALOS films and have added this film from June 2019. At this Whistleblowing Event for NHS Scotland [though I prefer the term ‘Freedom to Speak … Continue reading Peter’s Declaration

Kindness, attention and respect

Many years ago, one of my patients who had lost a child to suicide, wrote to me to say: Some years later I read this: I have previously shared considerations … Continue reading Kindness, attention and respect

Paradigms, pathologies and shifts

The following extracts are taken from this perspective published in the Scotsman, 11 January 2018: Pfizer has seemingly concluded that Alzheimer’s disease is far more complex than we had ever … Continue reading Paradigms, pathologies and shifts

Protected: Back in the driving seat: Industry

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: The ‘Edinburgh Consensus’

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Might the experts themselves be confused?

I recently read a British Geriatrics Society (BGS) blog which was titled: “Antidementia medication may improve survival in Alzheimer’s disease”. Having read this blog several times I wrote to the … Continue reading Might the experts themselves be confused?

Prescribed Disengagement

A medical colleague recently asked me to “explain” disempowerment. A dear friend of mine (diagnosed with dementia) has written about: “Prescribed Disengagement”. My view is that few have written better about this matter than … Continue reading Prescribed Disengagement

“In a world that has lost its signposts”

The following screenshots come from a Sunday Observer of the 19th August 2015. I have written before on Hole Ousia about how we use language. Whether we are scientists or … Continue reading “In a world that has lost its signposts”

The Politics of Dementia

At the recent leaders Debate, David Cameron commented specifically on the progress made in  increasing dementia diagnosis rates in NHS England: I have long had concerns about the ethics of … Continue reading The Politics of Dementia

Freedom to speak up

I am very grateful to the Scottish Government for replying to me on behalf of Jamie Hepburn, MSP, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health. Below you will find … Continue reading Freedom to speak up

Do we care enough about consent?

This leaflet is widely available to patients in NHS Scotland including in the waiting room outside my consulting room:   Its first page defines consent as follows:   This is … Continue reading Do we care enough about consent?