Following an unexpected seizure in the mountains I can no longer drive and now rely on public transport. This Monday I took a train to Glasgow: PLATFORM: [to play this … Continue reading PLATFORM

French Second Empire

William McNicol Whyte, a Scottish architect introduced ‘French Second Empire’ to Glasgow. In doing so he put two fingers up to ‘established taste’: [to play a short film about William … Continue reading French Second Empire


On Monday, 17th January 2022, I explored what remains of the village of Buttergask in Perthshire. This film shares a little of my journey: All that running: [To play this … Continue reading Buttergask

Do you think science is bullshit free?

As a species we are rather good at bullshitting! In the Observer, 18th July 2021, there was an interview on this subject with the cognitive scientist Martin Turpin: It would … Continue reading Do you think science is bullshit free?