It’s an inanimate object, but all the same it is a book-case

I recently inherited my great-grandfather’s bookcase. It’s first home was in the Dunblane office of Wilfrid Lawson Gibson, Chartered Surveyor and Engineer.

The text in this image comes from The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov.

The birds are singing in the orchard

I have just read The Cherry Orchard, a play by Anton Chekhov. I was moved by it. My mind was taken back to my childhood: to Drumdruills and the orchards of the Scott family:



Habitually made marginal comments

Filmed at the abandoned farm of Bishopsfaulds, near Comrie.

Words: by me and some ‘borrowed’ from Liz Lochhead

Music credit: ‘The lost Prince’ – Adrian Johnston (2003)

He sees what other people don’t

This film is about Auchenhard (Auchinhard) In West Lothian, Scotland.

A birth place of light.

Music credits: Badly Drawn Boy – “The Shining” and “Piano Theme”

A ‘mytholm’

Ted Hughes described a ‘mytholm’ as meeting of streams.

This film is about such a meeting. Where the Allan Water goes Forth.

I dedicate this film to my “Grumpa” Rab Scott, Orchardman at Cornton and Drumdruills.

Music Credit “Chasing the sun” by James Ross.

Also big acknowledgement to David Balfour aka Robert Louis Stevenson.

She said nothing and she shone

I went to Invermay looking for the ‘Humble Bumble’. I did not find it. However I did find something else.

This film is for Sian by ‘The Antiquary’

The poem that time forgot

In 1826 Robert Pollok began an epic poem. Ten volumes later, and not even 28 years of age, Robert was dead.

His poem was called “The course of time”

I came across this poem through St Ann’s, Bridge of Allan, where my mother Margaret was born and where my daughter Rachel went to Nursery School.

Credits: Dexter Britain, Dylan Thomas, Raymond Tallis, Michael Mara, the BBC, old newspapers and a magpie.

Time passes. Listen. Time passes.