St. Mark’s Basilica [waking up in Venice]

In the photographic collection of the University of St Andrews I came across this 1880 photograph of St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice.  All these years later, this beautiful scene has hardly … Continue reading St. Mark’s Basilica [waking up in Venice]


Last night I gave a talk on Tamrawer to the Banton Heritage Society. I called my talk ‘Do not forget. Do not forget’. What follows are the slides that I … Continue reading Tamrawer

Sheriffmuir Inn

This is Sheriffmuir Inn, as I recall it. Here, my Grumpa took me to visit to Hercules the bear. Here, with my family, I celebrated my 40th birthday. Here, I … Continue reading Sheriffmuir Inn


This calotype, taken in Forres, circa 1882, includes my father’s grandfather, John Gordon [seated in the centre]. If you look closely you will see that he has a squint. John … Continue reading Squint