No pure logic here

Poets [Spartans or otherwise] do not follow rules. The philosopher [following nobody] was heckled by the specialists for asking everyday questions. The world between us makes equals of us all: … Continue reading No pure logic here

Go seek adventures

This question was asked in last week’s Sunday TIMES: Of course there is no complete data to refer to but it is thought that Don Quixote tops the list. It … Continue reading Go seek adventures

Love me tender

Yesterday, the kindest of land owners took me more than a mile up the hill to Shielbrae. Year-after-year Shielbrae won every award for its Tups: Love me tender: To play … Continue reading Love me tender

Spa Magazine No. 1

Spa Magazine No.1: To play this short film please click here or on the image above. Music credit: A cover of – All My Friends [LCD SoundSystem song] by CaptainInternets