We all walk in different shoes

These are my gardening shoes! They have been well used but now too leaky to be of any use and are finally in the bin!

A retired glen

On Thursday morning I explored Sheardale glen and climbed the ridge. Sheardale is in Clackmannanshire, just west of Dollar. To access the estate you have to cross the river Devon … Continue reading A retired glen

Dr Alexander Wilkie Paterson

What follows is a ‘timeline’ of  Dr Alexander Wilkie Paterson [1822-1898] as ‘established’ from old newspapers. Dr Paterson was doctor to the inhabitants of,  and the visitors to,  Bridge of … Continue reading Dr Alexander Wilkie Paterson

A poet as well as a gardener

I have been wishing to write this post for a while now. It is about the life of John Halliday who was described as “a poet as well as a … Continue reading A poet as well as a gardener