‘Nature’s Fashionable Lounge’

Today, I was [again] humbled by [another] happenstance reminder of how little I really know about the world that surrounds me! This reminder happened in the natural course of the … Continue reading ‘Nature’s Fashionable Lounge’

Ruins: by a ‘modern ruin’

Mavisbank: Hatton House: Gladney House: Temple of Decision: Gartincaber: Rossie Castle: Auchtavan, Glen Fearder: Barnbarroch House: Meigle steading: Jerah: Straid, Comrie: Bishopfauld, Comrie: Edmonstone Estate, Edinburgh: Amisfield Estate: Kennetpans: The … Continue reading Ruins: by a ‘modern ruin’

‘Good Acts Wanted’

Albert Ernest Pickard died in his 90th year as a result of an accidental fire. Pickard left a Testament that instructed his estate to be considered under the terms of … Continue reading ‘Good Acts Wanted’

“The Great, Tall, Little, Small, and Insignificant”

I first came across Albert Ernest Pickard (1874-1964) after visiting Bannockburn House: a house with an ancient history, that not so long ago, was owned by him. When I first … Continue reading “The Great, Tall, Little, Small, and Insignificant”

A step closer

It is encouraging to read in today’s newspapers that Bannockburn House is “a step closer to community ownership”: Next weekend, 30th September and 1st October, there is an extremely rare opportunity to … Continue reading A step closer

Sometimes history takes things into its own hands

This is a film about historic Bannockburn House. It may leave you in tears. I dedicate this film to Mick Collinson and feel fortunate that I was one of the … Continue reading Sometimes history takes things into its own hands