temporary traffic-lights

Roadworks are underway around the Fountain of Nineveh, so we have temporary traffic-lights outside our house. I have always had a fascination with road-signs including traffic-lights [I know, I am … Continue reading temporary traffic-lights


As a family we are fortunate to live beside a playpark and a bowling green. From our garden we can hear the competitive, yet encouraging roars of experienced bowlers as … Continue reading STOP. LOOK. LISTEN

A dry fountain that once gushed and sparkled in the sunlight

The very last day of 1911 [as reported in the Stirling Observer]:

Diverted Traffic

As one of our nearest neighbours, the Fountain of Nineveh, has become a symbol of homelylove and belonging. In the 19c the village Provost put an iron Heron on top … Continue reading Diverted Traffic