The week before last, this was ‘picture of the week’ in the Herald.

Two years ago, Sian and Peter visited Hospitalfield. It is a special place that encourages and supports creativity. This is what I shared on Hole Ousia two years ago:

Alexander McCall Smith sent me some of his poems earlier this year and this was how the envelope was addressed:

Alexander McCall Smith is aware of my fascination with Walter Scott’s “The Antiquary”, such that I even call my study the “Sanctum sanctorum”:

On Sunday we visited Arbroath which was once the “Antiquary’s Garden”:



Hospitalfield House was open as part of Doors Open Day.

Hospitalfield was the home of the artist Patrick Allan Fraser and his wife Elizabeth:

Hospitalfield House is a time capsule of the artisan Victorian and most wonderfully also of today: Patrick Allan Fraser and his wife had no children and they bequeathed Hospitalfield to be a centre for training in the Arts. It is lovely to consider that Hospitalfield has been home to new and emerging art for over a century:

In what follows I intend to intersperse images that I took at Hospitalfield with words that I collect/borrow/steal from those that I read. The quotes offer considerations on what art may “be”. In Waiting for the Last Bus, Richard Holloway remarked:

“The mind is its own place and does its own thing. In our time, it is being investigated by psychologists and neuroscientists, but artists have always been its best explorers”

Fraser Mausoleum, Arbroath 9 Sept 2018 (8)


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