Artificial light

At the end of last year the sodium street lamps in our street were updated and the light changed from sodium yellow to electric white. As odd as this may … Continue reading Artificial light

Antiquary Gardens

Alexander McCall Smith sent me some of his poems earlier this year and this was how the envelope was addressed: Alexander McCall Smith is aware of my fascination with Walter … Continue reading Antiquary Gardens

It was the singing

One of my favourite poems is ‘Two Girls Singing’ by Iain Crichton Smith: I have wondered if Julian Barnes had read this poem before writing ‘Metroland’? Here the poet Tomas Tranströmer … Continue reading It was the singing


A few days after I wrote this Hole Ousia post based on my reading of Metroland by Julian Barnes this leaflet arrived through our letter box: Metroland begins and ends … Continue reading LIGHTways

We were very sensitive about colours at that time

Metroland, a novel by Julian Barnes, is about two school-age boys growing older in the world. The novel begins and ends with sodium street lighting. One of my favourite poems … Continue reading We were very sensitive about colours at that time