‘Responses’ revisited

Over six years ago I made a film called “Responses” based on a post that I had written [see below]. In Revisiting “Responses” I would love to hear any response … Continue reading ‘Responses’ revisited

An explanation

Shortly after this new text book was published I purchased it and read it over a long weekend in May. I took notes and added marginalia as I read [here … Continue reading An explanation

I don’t want this isolation

I have experienced the corridors of St John’s Hospital, Livingston, from different vantages. This film is actually an attack on rigid medical determinism. It is an attack on academia and … Continue reading I don’t want this isolation

“The Inflamed Mind”

A few weeks ago, on my way to work, I was listening to Radio Scotland. One of the lead news reports was based on an interview with Professor Ed Bullmore … Continue reading “The Inflamed Mind”

To root in these very specific places

T S Eliot rooted poems about ideas in very specific places. He was very interested in yew trees: The following film is on the Fortingall Yew. Time passes. Listen.

We share that indeterminancy

“Marx wrote: ‘Men make their own history but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already.’ This … Continue reading We share that indeterminancy

Lost identity

“Within modernity the life sciences have claimed and been given the authority to define ‘human nature’ (although within this universality biology has a long and deplorable history of inscribing hierarchically … Continue reading Lost identity


This is the transcript of a short film I made in late May 2011 called ‘AWOKEN’: https://vimeo.com/62053672 I had previously made a film called ‘WAKE-UP CALL’ which was based on … Continue reading Awoken

Bathwater and the baby

Response to the Editorial: The ‘continuum of psychosis’: scientifically unproven and clinically impractical.The British Journal of Psychiatry (2010) 197, 423-425 This response was published  in the Br J Psychiatry This … Continue reading Bathwater and the baby