A letter in the BMJ

References: Davies J, Moncrieff J, Kinderman P, et al; Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry. Stigma and efficacy of taking antidepressants. Letter to the editor. Times 2018 Feb 23. Burns W. Pills for … Continue reading A letter in the BMJ

Pharmaceutical Mailing Lists

This letter by Dr Cyril Hart, General Practitioner in Peterborough, was published in the British Medical Journal in December 1962. This was five years before I was born! I find … Continue reading Pharmaceutical Mailing Lists

Pills or public health?

This is the title of the Editorial in the current BMJ by it’s Editor in Chief. Fiona Godlee states: I have previously written about the approach to “transparency” taken by … Continue reading Pills or public health?

Effective healthcare depends on . . .

A few selected quotes from the BMJ, 30 March 2019:

The front cover of the BMJ

If it is the case that there are hidden Pharma deals, how can healthcare professionals be sure that they are providing complete and unbiased information to patients so that they … Continue reading The front cover of the BMJ

It’s BOOM time in Industry

This is an unedited clip of a contribution made by Professor Michael Sharpe, Professor of Psychological Medicine at the University of Oxford. The Event marked the 50th Anniversary of the … Continue reading It’s BOOM time in Industry

Pure speculation

Given the high level of redaction of material from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in response to my Subject Access request, I can only speculate about who else may have … Continue reading Pure speculation

Soft Power [and telling stories]

This Feature Article made the cover of the BMJ: One of the contributors described an approach to influencing healthcare policy as follows: Telling stories is a well established approach taken … Continue reading Soft Power [and telling stories]

“And the Gordon Bennett Trophy goes to . . .”

It is likely that you will know the phrase “Gordon Bennett” as an expression of incredulity. But who was Gordon Bennett? And why is he remembered in this way? James … Continue reading “And the Gordon Bennett Trophy goes to . . .”

‘And it needs to start at the top’

This letter, by bioethicist Mark Wilson, has been published in the current BMJ: The letter begins: “The mesh scandal is all too familiar. It joins a growing list of scandals … Continue reading ‘And it needs to start at the top’

A pattern language

Once upon a time Alexander McCall Smith gave me a book. It was called “A Pattern Language”. For the romantic this post is about stories. For the realist this post … Continue reading A pattern language

Developments on the PACE trial

The following News feature was published in the BMJ on the 22nd August 2018: This was also reported in the TIMES, 21 August 2018: In November 2015 Professor Sir Simon … Continue reading Developments on the PACE trial