What world is this?

What world is this? To play this short film please click here or on the image above. Featuring ‘Big Ted’ [knitted by Chrys Muirhead for Peter]; ‘Mr Taylor’ [the teddy … Continue reading What world is this?

Letters from the Mountains

Anne Grant of Laggan was born Anne MacVicar in Glasgow in 1755. She was the daughter of Duncan MacVicar, an army officer. The family spent some time in North America … Continue reading Letters from the Mountains

Platform 11

There was once a very special garden located where today folk arrive to, and leave from, Waverley Station, Edinburgh. This Physic garden sat at the east end of the Nor … Continue reading Platform 11

Edinburgh’s Orphan Hospital

In 1727 Edinburgh merchant Andrew Gairdner, set up a charitable subscription to raise funds to build an orphan institution. The resulting Orphan Hospital, built between 1734 and 1781, below the … Continue reading Edinburgh’s Orphan Hospital