Business is booming [‘Just honest-to-goodness NEON’]

The porter’s bell is ringing: The NEON yellow Preservation Society:

as a star fades

In Mossgrove garden I have  made a bit of temporary art. It has the front page of a newspaper the day that David Bowie died. I pasted this on to … Continue reading as a star fades

a (rain-caused) digression

It has been raining since dawn. I like to photograph in the rain. Here are a few photographs from our garden: Black Star: Janet B. Wood climbing rose: The ANTIQUARY … Continue reading a (rain-caused) digression

a dog named Spot

Our four-legged companions: how dear, how very dear. The fields of Bow: To play this film please click here or on the image above. Music credits: [1] Come wander with … Continue reading a dog named Spot