A story (any story, every story)

Aware, as I am, of my obssessive nature I try to keep my film-making days to just one or two days a week. I wasn’t always so ‘driven’. My Granny once remarked that I was the ‘only child that could sleep whilst still standing upright!’ Alas, I lost that ability before my school years.

This, my latest ‘Wednesday film’, was inspired by hearing Neil Gaiman on BBC Radio 4. The voice of Neil Gaiman introduces my wee film. Alongside an image of me as a child, hanging on to a gate. My 1970s bowl-cut hairstyle may not be currently in fashion, but ‘styles’ do seem to repeat over time! So be warned!

The title of this film is ‘borrowed’ from George Saunders wonderful book on Russian short story tellers.

A story (any story, every story):

To play this short film please click here or on the image above.

Music credit: ‘Idiot Prayer’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

An undercurrent to this film is my [failed] attempt to argue why Scotland needs a ‘Sunshine Act’

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