Keep wondering

Muses of a gardener growing auld.

Keep wondering:

To play this short film please click here or on the image above

Filmed in Mossgrove garden in the Spring of 2021.

[Please forgive my narcissistic tendencies but really, I am the only human-scale, madcap-enough to feature in my short films!]

Music credits:
(1) ‘Parade’ – by Night Flight
(2) ‘Helpless to Turn’ – by the Burns Unit
(3) ‘Come wander with me’ – by Bonnie Beecher
(4) ‘Forget myself’ – a cover of this Elbow song by the Acoustic Rhythm Club

Credits also to Radio Scotland and Radio 4 for short clips that I recorded in years past.

Mossgrove Dawn chorus.

My thanks also to the creative work of George Saunders, E M Forster, John Berger, Vladimir Nabokov, Kathleen Jamie, Muriel Spark and William Soutar.

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