space – body – other – time

On Friday last, Sian’s cousin Kelly arrived in Scotland with her friend Hannah. Nearly 30 years had passed since Sian had last met her cousin [at the wedding of Peter … Continue reading space – body – other – time


Yesterday evening, as the sun got lower in the sky, allium seedheads in our garden [daft punk and beautiful] glowed in wondrous shades of colour: global: To play this short … Continue reading global

bring back that summer

I find it hard to put my films into definite categories. My current film is a music ‘triptych’ which begins with innocent fumblings of love [as a 17 year old]. … Continue reading bring back that summer

Remembering young men like Albert Bayne

If you have walked the Darn Road by the Allan Water you will have come to the footbridge over the Wharry [so often washed away]. Beside this bridge is the … Continue reading Remembering young men like Albert Bayne