Mossgrove garden – Open for charity

On Friday evening we had a knock on our front door. Our kind visitor asked if we would open our garden on the 29 May 2022. We were delighted to … Continue reading Mossgrove garden – Open for charity

dazed and changed and happy

We had an old sycamore tree growing in our front garden but alas it became too large for the space that it had. So it was chopped down, and in … Continue reading dazed and changed and happy

Children’s Library

I came across this headline in Sunday’s newspaper and liked it! The painting in the background was an Easter card made by my son in 2003 [Andrew was then in … Continue reading Children’s Library

felt madcap and adventurous

Not all those who wander are lost: This film is for Sian. To play it, please click here. Music credits: [1] The Dancer – a beautiful cover of this PJ … Continue reading felt madcap and adventurous